Thursday, October 8, 2009

Random #s 46 - 52

46. I love my children most when they are sleeping.

47. My parents do not know I keep this blog.

48. If they did know, I could not write as honestly.

49. I would be unhappy if someone told them I write this blog.

50. My BFF's mom reads the blog regularly.

51. Sometimes I forget that Ross and Rachel are not real people.

52. No matter how much of a humanitarian she is, I will never forgive Angelina Jolie.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

200 - part 1

My friend and blogging buddy, Mel, just posted 200 things about herself to her blog.

When the "25 things" went around on Facebook, I found it rather narcissistic, but to come up with 200 things really requires some soul searching so I will attempt it here. (Thank you, Mel, for helping inspire me to get back to the blog).

1. My favorite foods are baked goods.
2. If you told me I could never eat a piece of candy again in my life I would be fine with it.
3. I now get terrible headaches and hangovers from drinking alcohol of any sort so I rarely drink anymore.
4. I think having a drink of wine with dinner is a very sophisticated thing to do.
6. I hope my boys go to a college where there is more to do than drink at frat parties.
7. I make a fabulous apple crisp.
8. A friend suggested the other day that I sell my apple crisps during the holidays. I am seriously considering this.
9. I weigh 15 more pounds today than the day I got married. This is not baby weight. This is cookie weight.
10. I am slightly obsessed with organic, whole, locally farmed foods although I do not always buy them.
11. I would love to own chickens and eat their eggs.
12. I feed my children far too much frozen food.
13. My kids LOVE fruits and veggies and always get in their 5 a day. (This makes me feel better about #12).
14. My absolute favorite drink is cold water.
15. I cherish my daily coffee from starbucks. It took me 39 years to get to the point where I could say "I am worth it."

16. I grew up with parents who never, ever spoiled themselves or their children. Treats (ie, going to an ice cream parlor, renting a movie to watch at home) were rare.
17. Because of that frugality, I graduated from college debt free and I am very grateful for it.
18. My parents' sacrifices changed the trajectory of my life and the lives of all my future generations.
19. That is not an overstatement.
20. Someday it would be cool to go back to college and take all the classes I wanted to take but didn't either because they didn't work with my schedule or I thought they'd be too hard.
21. I am of primarily German/Danish/English heritage. I am not proud to be German. I am very proud to be Danish.
22. My great-grandmother's name was Anna Christina Jensen. I think that is a beautiful name.
23. My mom's mother was a knockout. She was drop dead gorgeous.
24. My mom's mother found happiness in her mid-70s.
25. I hated the last name Payne growing up. Now I really miss it.
26. I have one brother and am very protective of him.

27. I can reveal too much too quickly.
28. I am too trusting of people.
29. I am loyal. If you cross one of my friends/someone I love, I will hold it against you forever. Even if my loved one forgives you.
30. I could put my hands on a stack of bibles and take an oath in a church or court and lie through my teeth if I needed to protect a friend. And not feel the least bit guilty about it.

31. My first job out of college was the best job of my professional life.
32. I miss work desperately. I loved being busy and accomplishing things. I also loved dressing up, high heels, and lunch out.
33. I want to open my own business. I would love to do it with a friend. I just don't know exactly what I want to do.
34. Whatever work I do, I want to have to go to an office to do it.
35. My ideal office would be in the same building as the Starbucks I can walk to.
36. Re: #35, I often choose to ignore the rule not to end a sentence with a preposition. It's annoying.
37. My ideal office would be white, sunny, lucite furniture, and Apple products.

Sex: (AED, my fab sister-in-law, consider yourself warned!)
38. I have negative sex drive.
39. I wish I had a sex drive.
40. Maybe I will have a sex drive when I finally get regular sleep.
41. When I turned 40, I got all kinds of sex toys. I learned that some of my friends use vibrators regularly. WHO KNEW?
42. I got a vibrator for my birthday.
43. It's still in its original packaging, but I look at it hopefully every so often.
44. I had a one-night-stand once and it was a great thing for me.

45. I have an obsession with popping pimples. I am convinced this means I am less evolved from mother monkeys than most women.

Time for bed... more tomorrow....