Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Raising Boys

Lately I have been trying to soak up all of the information I can on raising boys. I picked up a silly parenting magazine in the doctor's office yesterday with a two page article on raising boys written by a mom who has five. This little article was worth much more than all of the more intellectual books. Here is my favorite quote:

"You can raise your son any way you want and he is still going to burp the National Anthem the first chance he gets. You can raise your son as a Quaker, a vegan, or a pagan; he's still going to fight with his brother over an unused pen cap as though it was the Star of India. You can kiss him every night and sing to him of milkweed and nightengales and give him his own doll and play kitties with him instead of Navy SEALS. Go ahead. He's still going to make a gun from a toaster waffle and fire it across the table. He's still going to run through the house whipping a metal tape measure around his head."

Let's hear it for boys.

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S@L said...

Love the imagery. I have seen your boys do just about every one of those things, or at least a close enough approximation to make her prophecy ring true even to a mother of a girl.