Saturday, June 28, 2008

A Few Tidbits From the House O'Boys

Here are snapshots of two recent conversations with the boys.

1) A conversation with Sam
Sam: Mom, am I having a playdate today?
Mom: Yes, Jeffrey and David are coming over.
Sam: Jeffrey AND David? All right! I've always wanted to have a threesome.

2) An out of the blue conversation with Jack
Jack: Mom, can boys marry boys?
Mom: Yes, in California they can.
Jack: Great. I'm going to marry Jake.
(He later clarified that he would only marry Jake if I wouldn't marry him.)

And, in other funny goings-on... Ben loves the toilet plunger. I don't know why. It's big. It's on a stick. You can hit people with it.

Anyway, today he came inside with it and Aaron scolded him. "Ben that's not a toy. That is NOT a toy. "

Later in the day, Ben was having a fit. "Want naddadoy! Want naddadoy!" We were frantically trying to find whatever this thing was that he most desperately wanted. Finally he dragged me to the garage and showed me the toilet plunger.

Apparently Ben thinks "not a toy" (aka "naddadoy" in Ben language) is the proper name for toilet plungers.


Anonymous said...

HA HA HA I am laughing out loud now, especially about that last one. My brother Ben became very attached to a brand new plunger when he was a kid. It never actually got used -- Ben became so attached to it he carried it around with him.

Laurel said...

Oops that last comment was from me. Was too lazy to sign in.

S@L said...

That is so funny!