Wednesday, July 30, 2008

I Think He's Going to be Fine

I took Jack to the dermatologist today.  I thought I had myself totally under control, but when I was moving aside Jack's hair to show the doctor, my hands were shaking.  The dermatologist, whom I adore, looked me in the eye and gave my hand a gentle squeeze.  It was before she even saw the mole, but somehow that hand squeeze was exactly what I needed and I knew that things would be okay.  I wasn't sure what "okay" would look like, but I knew it'd be okay.  

While the doctor agreed that the spot was troubling, she reassured me that in her 25 years of practice and with all of the concerning moles she has seen in young children, she has never, ever had one amount to anything other than just being an "eccentric" mole.  To be safe she did refer me on to a pediatric dermatologist specialist.

I now have to wait the looong 1-2 weeks before the specialist's office calls to schedule an appointment.  

In the meantime, the doctor's reassuring presence will allow me to sleep tonight and I am grateful for that.  

Thank you for your kindness, friends and stranger-friends.

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Laurel said...

Thanks for the update -- I had been thinking of you (and Jack) throughout the day. Sounds like you have a great doctor with the perfect bedside manner!!