Friday, May 9, 2008

Mom, as seen by my kids

According to Jack
My mom's name is: Sandie
My mom is 38 years old
My mom is pretty as a: Princess
For fun, my mom likes to: play legos with me
If I could I would buy my mom a: lego set
While I'm at school my mom: goes on the computer and plays games
My mom's favorite food is: coffee

(Note to Jack: iphone! If I could I would buy my mom an iphone.)

According to Sam
I love my mom because she:
Makes me feel better when I am sad
Helps me learn
Takes me places
Is kind to me
Talks to me
Cares for me when I am sick
Lets me play on the computer sometimes
Goes to my games
Loves me

Could I love these crazy kids any more?

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Laurel said...

That's very sweet. When asked what his mommy was good at, Quincy said, "Letting me eat gum."