Sunday, May 18, 2008

On Taking Things Literally

An out of the blue conversation between Sam and Jack while playing playdough.

Jack: Everone has to die, Sam.

Sam: No. Not everyone dies. Jesus didn't die.

Jack: Yes, he did. Remember they nailed him up and he died.

Sam: Yeah, but he came back to life.

Jack: Well if he came back to life, where is he now?

Sam: He lives in our hearts.

Jack: That is impossible. You can't live inside someone else's body.

Sam: Yes you can. Remember, babies live in mommies' bellies. So Jesus lives in our hearts.


Mother Suburbia said...

Oooohhh. That is the most inspiring discussion. Good for Jack and Sam - and good for you and Aaron!

S@L said...

I was about to comment, but then I saw my mom's comment and now I can't comment. I'll just call you.