Monday, February 4, 2008

Random stuff

I've written several blog entires in my mind since I last "published." Here are some of them in their briefest form:

First, Jack has worn his Brett Farve jersey for 2 and a half weeks straight now. He wears it to school, to bed, to church, to gymnastics.... The checkout guy at the market gets a big chuckle out of it. "Still wearing it, huh?" he asks me with a wink. Yes, still wearing it.

Second, when I joined the gym I got a free workout with a personal trainer. Let me just say that one hour with him kicked my ass in ways in which it has never been kicked before. I told him my goal was fat burning. Word to the wise - NEVER TELL A TRAINER YOUR GOAL IS FAT BURNING. He had me ride the bikes at level 8, keeping the rpms at 80. I don't really know what that means technically, but trust me that it sucked. And as if that wasn't enough, the dirty bastard made me lift weights while doing it. For 40 minutes we did weights for one minute, then rest for one minute. Weights for one minute then rest for one minute. Just when I'd get some momentum with the weights, he'd yell to keep my RPMs up. Oh crap, so I'd get the RPMs up only to find my arms literally shaking under the weight of the 3 lb (!) dumbells. I hope I never see this bloody man again in my life.

Third, I went to a spiritual retreat on Saturday. Three and a half hours away from the hustle and bustle of home is a spiritual experience in itself. But three and a half hours of guided meditation really filled the soul. Here are some of the big
a-ha learnings for me:
1) The kingdom of God (however you define it) is within
2) Wherever you are right now is exactly where you are meant to be. This is mind-bending. What is it that this experience of mothering my three boys is meant to teach me?
3) Prayer and meditation is not so much about searching as being found.

Forth, two of my closest friends are pregnant. One pregnant with her third. One pregnant with her fourth. I went through birthing classes with these women when we were pregnant with our firsts seven years ago. We've always been pregnant together. I am so jealous that they are going to have little newborns that I could just spit. Oprah has this editorial at the end of her magazine every month called "What I Know For Sure." Well, what Sandie knows for sure is that if she had another baby, she would lose her mind. But, oh, the scent of a newborn's tiny head...... it's enough to make me ovulate on the spot.


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S@L said...

Your trainer is cruel, but I so applaud you for all the hard work you're doing. You're an inspiration to fat-burner wanna-bes everywhere.