Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Pick Your Poison

It has been many years since I went to a gym regularly. In fact, the last gym I belonged to was in the mid 90s in Massachusetts. When I worked out, I wore running shorts and a big cotton t-shirt.

Since that time, however, wicking materials have been born. My big "Black Dog" tshirt is SO not the thing to wear to the gym. I have noticed that the women at the gym - whether big, small, soft, hard, round, or tall - they all wear tight pants, I'd call them yoga pants, and some sort of form fitting wicking bra/shirt combo. While I am certainly not fashion forward, I can usually pick up on a trend. So I hit the racks at Tarjey in search of the workout uniform of the new millenium.

In addition to these new have-no-secrets workout clothes being a slap to my pride, I now have a dilemma with the yoga pants. It is much more comfortable to wear underwear but underwear gives you very pronounced panty lines. So the alternative is to go commando, as my boys call it (OK, they learned the term from me). But that gives you the dreaded (cue horror music here) camel toe. Now, if you don't know what the dreaded camel toe is, I am not going to tell you. But look it up on Wiki and you will see that this is not an easy dilemma. Camel toe or panty lines?

And for you daring women who are going to suggest thongs (you know who you are!), I tried that. The thong panty line is worse than the regular panty line.

Between avoiding DBT and choosing my panty/no pany poison, what started as a simple desire to get in shape has become very complicated.

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S@L said...

OMG panty lines, any day! Why? Because what if you have to laugh, or sneeze? Then what? At least with panties you'll have a buffer.

And my mother would say, "What do you care what people think of you in the gym?".

(I wouldn't say it, but my mother would.)