Saturday, August 16, 2008

10 Years

Today is our ten year wedding anniversary.  When I think back to the day, I remember standing outside the stone church, looking out over the ocean and feeling so sure, so complete.  I remember seeing A at the altar, looking so fucking handsome.  I remember saying my vows, listening to his.  Listening to the best sermon I have ever heard, given by my new father-in-law.  

We were standing in our living room today, a complete disaster after two weeks of wood floor installation - toys, books, dirt, food, dust.... everywhere.  The boys jet lagged, tired, crabby. Aaron pulled me in.  "10 years later, is this what you imagined?" he asked with a laugh.

No.  It's much more.  So much more.


Alli said...

Happy Anniversary and Congratulations on being on of the rare few who make it work!
(you should get pregnant in celebration - I have adorable girl clothes!)

S@L said...

Happy Anniversary, Meeglie Mouse. Great ending to this post.

maryellen said...

Beautiful, absolutely beautiful

Mother Suburbia said...

Congratulations to both of you! What a great post.