Monday, August 4, 2008

My life, summarized by the waiting room signs

I arrived on time for my first mammogram.  I was nervous.  It wasn't just a mammogram either, it was another subtle reminder that I'm not a kid anymore.  

I followed the long winding hallways and signs to the Department of Radiology.  I checked in at the main desk and then turned around to see the waiting room, separated into two sections, with arrows pointing in polar opposite directions.

<----- Fetal ultrasound               Mammography ----->

I looked at the faces of the women on both sides.  I smiled at them.  I took a deep breath.  I walked over to the women waiting patiently to be called for their mammograms.  


Alli said...

I hope your next visit follows the sign on the left.

Mother Suburbia said...

Don't you just hate those things? I'm not sure which is worse; the pap smear exam or the mammo. It's not fair that men don't have to have such things. Welcome to the yearly "pinch" (ouch)!