Monday, August 25, 2008

Front Yard Update

Greetings from our front yard... Vlad and the boys are playing (now that he has figured out that crazy is FUN, he loves coming over!),  and all kinds of stuff is happening.

Jack, apparently,  does not care that Vlad doesn't speak English.  He is peppering him with questions and taunts while playing.  When's your birthday?  Will you play Volleyball with me?  What grade are you in?  Who do you want to win-  the Packers or the 49ers?  See if you can top this, oh yeah.  

Vlad talks right back in Russian.  Man would I love to know what he is saying.  They are now engaged in a hot game of.... what to call it?  Throw a ball at each other's faces?  One nice thing about playing in different languages is that you can both claim to be the victor and the other won't know it.

Meanwhile, across the street, Garden Supply company of Los Altos is delivering pavers to the wrong house at the wrong time.  6 Spanish speaking men are trying to figure out what to do with the several tons of pavers now dumped in a neighbor's lawn.

And, oh shit, my next door neighbor's sprinkly system just went off and I got nailed with spray.  Let's see how my trusty new Apple computer survives this.   Ben is now standing directly under the spray.  So much for today's outfit.  

My neighbor who doesn't speak to me just saw that I was out front with the crew of boys and turned around to walk the other way.  

Life is exciting here in suburbia, yes it is. 


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