Monday, November 10, 2008

Dear Bloggers

I just wanted to apologize to you.  I am sure you think that I broke up with you without so much as the courtesy to tell you about it.  It's not that I've broken up with you, it's just that, well.... I'm cheating on you.  I admit it.  I'm cheating on you with Facebook. 

My friends started joining Facebook a year ago but I resisted.  I received numerous invitations to join but I turned them all down.  The big problem for me was that you couldn't stalk people anonymously.  The best you can do on facebook is see if someone is a member or not and then see a teeny, tiny profile picture of them. Big whoop.  If I'm going to join, I want scoop.  To really see what someone is up to, they have to "friend" you.  But once you are friends the anonymity is gone.   In other words, they know you are stalking them.  Where is the fun in that?

But early this fall, Meegs finally convinced me.  I joined, slowly, cautiously.  But within days people were coming out of the woodworks.  I found high school and college friends.  High school and college friends found me.  It was perfect.  I loooovvvved it.  I loved seeing photos and hearing what they were up to and sharing photos of my beloved crew of boys.

Soon enough though, what was once cool started to become a bit, well, awkward.  What do you do when someone finds you and friends you but you don't want to become friends with them? Do you ignore them?  Do you say no?  What to do???  And then, what happens when ex-boyfriends and girlfriends show up on Facebook?  Do you friend them?  Do you wait for them to friend you first?  (I say it all depends on who broke up with whom.  The breaker upper has to friend the broken upee.)  Ahhh, yes, my once  fun pastime has turned me into a 6th grader again, not wanting to friend someone first, hoping that old flames are now fat and unhappy, hoping the cool kids friend you.

So I do apologize for not being more attentive to this blog.  Facebook will, in time, grow old.  And I will be back.  I hope you will still have me.  



Laurel said...

I looooooooove FB. Just when I think it's getting old, I discover that my junior high school has a "group," and I friend the first guy I ever had a serious crush on and am able to catch up on the last 24 years of our lives. Just when I think it's boring, I get to connect with several people who feel the same way about the election. I really hope it never grows old.

Laurel said...

p.s. I have another friend I don't get to see a lot who has a blog, and that's how I get to see pictures of her daughter. She joined FB about a month ago, though, and I don't think she's updated her blog since. ;-)

Jill said...

aaaah, the truth comes out, Sandie!
Nonetheless, you know that I will wait patiently. :)

S@L said...

I can't take your call. I'll respond to you in FB.