Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Elements of Style

As long as we are talking fashion, J gave me a list of wardrobe essentials that she believes every woman should have.  These are the basics, we should also have a closet full of clothes that reflect our own personal style and that make us feel great about ourselves.  

Here is the list and how I am doing:

1) Black knee length dress (aka LBD) - need a summer style, have a winter style
2) Trench coat - have
3) Black dress pants - have one pair of black cotton capris but I don't think that's what they mean by dress pants
4) Fitted white dress shirt or blouse - need (although you can tell by my wardrobe that I have about 20 white shirts that are styled to hide the dreaded muffin top.  i need to work on the "fitted" part.)
5) Pair of dark wash jeans that you can dress up - have
6) Slim/Pencil skirt (black or khaki) - need
7) Black pant suit - don't think i need this!
8) High heel sandal in a neutral color - have if a soft gold counts
9)  Black high heel pump - have
10) Black loafer or ballet flat - need (how can that be possible??)
11) Structured bag in a classic style that will not go out of style - need (i am guessing that my faux leather brown hobo bag does not count as a classic style that will not go out of style)

Too bad white t-shirts, khaki pants, and merrells don't make the list of wardrobe essentials.  I'd be all set!!  :)

I don't take this too seriously but I do find it fun and very interesting!

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