Monday, June 1, 2009

Shitty mood

In the car today, on the way home from swimming lessons (which my kids HATE and complain about every single week), Sam whispered to Jack, "Jack, you better stop it.  Mom is at the end of her rope."

It always makes me laugh when kids use expressions like that.  What must they think it means?  But Sam clearly had it right.  I am so irritated right now, I just want to climb into bed with a few magazines and zone out.

Here is my abbreviated list of complaints:
1) Despite doing everything right (ha!) with Sam, his list of acceptable foods is basically down to  cheese quesadillas and pasta with jarred (not homemade) red sauce.  
2) My house is a disaster.  I'm not sure it's ever been so messy.
3) Somehow, hitting each other has become common place and acceptable with my children.  How did I let that happen?
4) I am so sick of parenting books.  I've been reading up on managing sibling rivalry and managing spirited children.  I want to shove their "5 simple steps to family harmony" up their ass.  Seriously, come live in my house for one day and then try the 5 simple steps.  Not so simple, eh?
5) My middle child has become miserable lately.  I know what he needs most in just love, love, love but it is not easy to provide that when he makes it so unpleasant to be around him.
6) I ran a freaking marathon yesterday and today I woke up feeling fat and ugly (WTF?).

I think is a good list for now, eh?

Hopefully tomorrow I can write a gratitude list.  


Maryellen said...

My mom used to always freak and panic when my brothers, sister, and I would squabble and literally fight each other, probably as your boys are doing. My dad would tell her we were just being kids and it would pass. My words to you - they are just being kids and it will pass.

Maryellen said...

I've been thinking about this. I think you felt badly the day after the race because of an endorphin-low. As for me, I am incredibly impressed that the day after a marathon you are up and about and not complaining about your aches and pains! You are amazing!!

Mother Suburbia said...

Are you kidding me? You look absolutely fabulous! Congratulations on the marathon.