Thursday, January 3, 2008

The Baracks

I have had two bad days in a row. The holidays are behind us, A is back to work with vengence, it's raining, the boys are still on winter break and they are being, well, the boys.

All I wanted to do tonight was sit home, curl up, and go to bed early. But given that I have just recently joined a gym and I know my husband is carefully calculating what this membership will cost us per workout, I called Meegs and she agreed to go with me to workout.

Well what do you know, people, but I am feeling great now. It was one of my best workouts ever because the entire time I was pedaling away, I was watching Barack Obama give his victory speech in Iowa. I had such energy and was so inspired. I truly believe that this man is the hope of America.

(As an aside, when going to bed tonight, Jack asked if "The Baracks" won? And then he asked what the score was. That's our boy.)


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