Tuesday, January 1, 2008

I kind of like this

Perhaps you are just trying to help me save face, but it seems that there are, in fact, some kind people out there in internet-land who are actually interested in hearing about the minutia of my life. So thanks for the encouragement. I think I'll give this blogging thing another try.

B is moments away from waking up from his nap. But there is enough time for me to reveal the new year's "experiments" I am thinking about. If I call it a new year's resolution, then when I inevitably drop it, it will seem like a failure. So instead I am thinking about experiments.

What would happen in 2008 if I:
  • ate only food produced locally?
  • ate only whole foods, nothing processed?
  • gave up white flour and white sugar?
  • prayed or meditated every day?
  • gave up my daily cup of starbucks?
  • made a commitment to live greener?
  • washed my face every night before bed?
  • spent one hour of solid, uninterrupted playtime each day with my kids?

I am seriously considering each one, well, except for my daily trip to Starbucks. (When S was a baby and I was home with him all day without a car, I would literally count the minutes until Aaron came home. One of my friends counts the minutes until 5pm so she can have her daily glass of wine. I however, watch the clock for 2:30 when I allow myself an afternoon walk to Starbucks for my latte [non fat milk and hold the foam, if you're interested]. Yes, I know that if I added up what I spent each year on coffee, I would be surprised. But I'm not going to add it up because I don't want to know. Unless maybe I actually put the money in a jar every day and accumulated enough to buy an iPhone. Hmmmm, that could be interesting. But, I digress.)

B is up now, standing behind me on the chair, arms around my neck jumping up and down. So here goes my 2nd blog… submitted without spellcheck or editing. Ahh, the height of living dangerously.

Stay tuned for more thoughts on a 2008 experiment…

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Anonymous said...

I find it impressive that you are even considering doing a "life change" experiment, so I think that even thinking about it counts. A tip, though - don't give up the Starbucks (unless you're going to replace it with wine).