Saturday, January 19, 2008

Jack Post #1

I am putting it very politely when I say that Jack has been bit lively lately. Aaron and I chatted with him about it last night and asked if he had any ideas how we might be able to help him behave more appropriately. Without missing a beat, here is his verbatim response:

"I have three ideas.
1) You can let me watch more TV.
2) You can let me play computer games.
3) You can let me eat more ice cream."

Seriously, he said it as though we had given him days to come up with a response.

This kid is either going to end up at Harvard or in jail. ;)


Laurel said...

Quincy is SO with him, especially on #1 and #3. ;-)

S@L said...

I'm telling you: that boy is sweet trouble, the kind a girl doesn't want to miss out on. ;-)