Saturday, January 19, 2008

A Stranger in a Foreign Land

I believe I have lost all control of my home. It is very clear that the 4:1 male to female ratio is alive and strong.

Let me say up front that I enjoy football. I understand the game, I love to watch it, and I have distinct preferences fore teams and players. I also love a good SuperBowl Party and all of the accoutrements. But the football insanity that is happening in my home right now is something of a new breed to me.

Let me describe some of the craziness:
1) Jack has colored a picture of Brett Farve and it is hanging on our front door where normal people would hang a wreath.
2) There are signs scattered throughout the house written in Sam's 1st grade phonetic spelling saying things like "Breet for Prasadinte" (Brett for President), "All Abord the Green Bay Icspras" (All Aboard the Green Bay Express), and my personal favorite, "Green Bay Pacrs, smash the othr tems lic cracrs" (Green Bay Packers, smash the other teams like crackers.)
3) We are eating green and gold popcorn.
4) I have to fight to get on the computer since someone is always watching game day highlights on
5) I set out a red shirt for Jack to do today but he refused since it is one of the Giants' colors.
6) If we are outside, neighbors drive by yelling "Go Packers!" I am sure our neighborhood is already planning some sort of intervention for how to handle Aaron if his beloved Packers are not victorious.

Do you realize that if the Packers win tomorrow (I would be shunned from this house just for saying the word "if" instead of "when" when referring to their win tomorrow), I will have two more weeks of the insanity?


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S@L said...

Why do I sense that this is just the beginning? On the bright side, if you had a girl it would be all horses and Hannah Montana, and at least other adults watch football.