Sunday, September 28, 2008

All in a night's "sleep"

Friday night:

10pm - went to bed..  

10:15pm - Ben awake and crying.  I bring him into bed with us.  

Midnight - Sam is up with growing pains.  Kick Aaron under the covers to get him  to deal with Sam.  Aaron not there. Go in to Sam.  Find motrin and a medicine dropper.  Give motrin to Sam.  Look for Aaron.  He is sleeping on the Living Room floor.  Lie down with Sam for a few minutes to help him fall back to sleep.  Go back to my bed.  Ben is snoring and attaches himself like velcro to my neck.  

3am - wake up to Ben falling out of bed and crying.  Notice that Jack is also now in my bed.  Stumble out to LR to make Aaron take Jack back to bed.

5:50 - Sam up for the day.


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