Sunday, September 7, 2008

A Friend to the Special Needs Community?

One of the more touching moments of Sarah Palin's mean-spirited, flippant speech to the RNC was when she declared to the millions of families with special needs children that they would have a friend and advocate in the White House.  


All we have to do is look at her current state of Alaska to get an idea of exactly how she will "advocate" for families of special needs kids.

All mental health institutions were shut down in Alaska in the 1990s.  During her governorship she took exactly ZERO steps to provide alternative services for kids with mental health issues.

She cut the state's Special Olympics budget in half.

Her state is the subject of two lawsuits that allege inadequate services and financing for children with special needs.

Since she made this proclamation during her speech, she has refused to provide details of what she means by "advocate."  When questioned, her spokeswoman provided more fluff.  "She will be an advocate in the White House on multiple  levels."

And her running mate?

John McCain opposes federal legislation that would help people with special needs find alternative living arrangements.

He voted against a measure to provide additional federal funding to state programs for teaching kids with special needs.  Why?  Because to do so would involve providing tax cuts to the wealthy.  (By the way, the majority of Republicans also voted against this measure.  The majority of Democrats supported the measure.)

My mom always told me our actions speak louder than our words.  Once again, she is right.

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Laurel said...

I thought of you when I saw the article below. Of course, I can hardly bear to read it b/c the media is reporting it w/ the angle of the GOP's mock horror (arrggghhh!!!). But of course Biden has it right on the money...