Friday, September 12, 2008


As I go through my day, I mentally sift through events as either blogworthy or not blogworthy.  My neighbor agrees that this one is blogworthy.  

Aaron called me mid-morning from work.  "Honey, C and H* are in town for the weekend.  Do you think we can have them over for dinner Saturday night?"

(C and H are, respectively, the President and CEO of Aaron's company.  They are French.  They are members of the intelligentsia, foodies, wine connoisseurs, and distinguished older gentlemen.   They would not be the least entertained by turkey burgers on the grill served with Two Buck Chuck.)

My response, without giving it a moment's thought:  "Are you out of your fucking mind?"

Seriously - if we hired full time help for two months, our home and meal would still not be ready for C and H.  


alli said...

Men just don't get it.

S@L said...

Having just been to France not five days ago, I would have to agree completely with your reaction.

Not that I don't think you'd be a great host & hostess, just that the bar would be ridiculous.

Yours was a safe, smart answer.

Mother Suburbia said...

Au contraire! You need to do this!!! One of the best memories that Bob and I have when we were Pres and VP of DMR Canada was our visit to Quebec City when our Director of that region invited us to his home for dinner with his wife and 3 sons, all about the age of yours and all whom only spoke French. We had the most wonderful time; his wife served a home cooked meal and the boys were delightful. Bob still tells the story about that evening when one of the boys climbed on his father's lap and asked. "If he is your boss, why does he not speak French??". We all had a great laugh. Children have a wonderful way of bridging the international gap. Remember, those men most probably all have homes, wives and children, too. We're all human!

Laurel said...

FWIW, I agree with mother suburbia. Who says a member of the "intelligentsia" wouldn't enjoy a good turkey burger? ;-)

jennyalice said...

I have those same fears about having ANYONE over... However whenever I do say yes it always ends up being fine.. more than fine because although our house is messy and filled with paperwork, we are mostly happy and nearly always have whatever you could possibly want to drink.