Saturday, July 18, 2009

Picking adventures from a hat

For the first 5 weeks of summer, my boys had an assortment of different camps/playdates/activities.  But starting Monday, that's over.  Think of it as "Camp Mom," I told them.  The 5 and 8 year olds groaned.  (Not as loud as I groaned in my head.)

We have 25 more weekdays to go until school stars.  So this afternoon the 3 boys and I sat down and made a list of 25 places we'd like to visit/things we want to do - ranging from the local bowling alley to the  Monterey Aquarium to the Jelly Belly Factory tour.  

Once we agreed on the 25 things, the boys cut up strips of paper and on each strip we wrote one of the activities.  Each evening, before bed, we are going to reach into the hat.  Whatever activity is selected is the activity we will do the next day.  

We may just survive after all.

Here is our list:
1) Alcatraz
2) Sky High Sports (a trampoline place)
3) Pump-It-Up (and inflatable jumpy house place)
4) Safari Run (an indoor jungle gym)
5) SF Zoo
6) Great America
7) Gilroy Gardens (kids amusement park)
8) Beach
9) Playdate with the Hobarts in SF
10) Walk across Golden Gate bridge
11) SF Science Museum
12) San Jose Children's Museum
13) San Francisco Children's Museum
14) Mini Golf/Batting cages
15) Raging Waters water park
16) Bowling
17) Jelly Belly Factory Tour
18) SF Giants game
19) Monterey Aquarium
20) Airplane Museum
21) New park in Palo Alto
22&23) Overnight trip to Tahoe
24) Playdate with Thomases
25).... hmmmm.... we are one short.  Any ideas?


mel said...

What a clever mom you are! Maybe one day to stay home because everyone will be exhausted??

Laurel said...

What about that fruit-picking place near your house? I think we discussed the fact that I didn't find it FABULOUS or anything, but Quincy LOVED it.
BTW, have you ever walked across the Golden Gate Bridge? IMHO, it's highly overrated -- you're basically inhaling pure exhaust the whole time. And you couldn't pay me to do it w/ my boys -- the railing is too short for my liking, and I don't like the little gap between the railing and the ramp. But perhaps since your boys are older, it would be OK.
If you're willing to go as far north as that, though -- don't miss the Exploratorium! Or Chrissy Fields. Fairyland in Oakland may be too far for you, but it's a huge hit with my two.