Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Quick Update on Camp Mom

The boys are in a massive screaming fight right now, which will soon escalate into a fist fight, over the monkeys from the barrel of monkeys game. See how exciting here:

I have been mediating stupid fights all morning ("Mooooom, he's looking at me." "Mom, his foot is on my side of the line."). So I either ignore this latest fight over the monkeys or I completely loose my cool with them. Better to ignore, don't you think?

Ironically, I was logging on to give a quick update on Week Two of Camp Mom. Despite this morning's evidence, Camp Mom has been going quite well. It's been the perfect balance of down time, play time, and field trip time.

Last week we went to the California Academy of Science (saw an albino crocodile, calculated our carbon footprints (ugh), sat captivated by the schools of fish swimming by in the aquarium, learned how life came to the galapagos islands), went to a great indoor play place, jumped sky high at a nearby trampoline place, and had plenty of playdates and popsicles.

This week we went bowling at a new bowling alley (which is more like a Hooters meets bowling than a traditional bowling alley) and today we are taking the train to the City and going to a Giants baseball game. We were supposed to head to Tahoe for Thursday and Friday but my van is still not out of the shop yet so that is delayed until next week.

My darling husband announced last night that Camp Mom (alternatively known as a staycation) has been a great success. I pointed out that his point of view was likely tainted by the fact that I am sole camp counselor and entertainment director while he is at work - getting praise, feedback, and a paycheck.

But in seriousness, Camp Mom has been much more enjoyable for all of us, including me, than I expected. We're building memories that childhoods are based on and I am grateful for the opportunity. Especially when they are sleeping.


Alli said...

Amen, sister!

mel said...

I know it can be challenging, but cherish it. You will blink and they will be in college.

mel said...

Why do kids do this? Fight over such little things?
My brother used to be able to get my sister screaming because of the way he looked at her.
Crazy stuff kids do!