Monday, August 31, 2009

Cleanse: Day 1 Update 3

2pm - all day I have been looking forward to my salad at lunch. Lettuce, avocado, peaches, craisings, almonds and chick peas with an olive oil based vinaigrette. Only I don't have slivered almonds or check peas. So it was really just a fruit and veggie salad with no protein. I have to say, I am not fulfilled, at least in the traditional sense that I am fulfilled after lunch.

I am wondering if this will be an experience in learning what true fullness (as opposed to stuffed-ness or feeling full of carbs) feels like.

The most unpleasant part so far is the caffeine headache. It's not a brutal one, but it is omni-present. Like a little nat buzzing in my ear.

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