Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Evening Before

So, with a little encouragement from my friend Mel, I am starting my cleanse tomorrow. She will be joining me on Tuesday. My goal is to do the cleanse for 3 weeks. The alcohol will be no problem as I rarely ever drink. The dairy won't be a problem b/c the only place I regularly consume it is in my daily latte. But the no wheat, no added sugars and no caffeine? Lord have mercy!

Today I thoroughly enjoyed a triple-shot whole milk latte at starbucks AND a glazed donut AND a bowl of ice cream after dinner. All 3 were divine, especially the latte.

My outrageously fabulous and supportive neighbor took Ben for me this afternoon so I got a fabulous and totally unexpected break. (Sam was at a bday party, Jack went to a Giants game with Aaron.) I hit the grocery store and planned out some of my meals.

Breakfast will be rice chex cereal with rice milk. (When Sam was a baby I was on a no dairy diet for a while and found this breakfast to be pretty tolerable). Lunch will be an enormous salad with my favorite home made vinaigrette dressing. I will miss the blue cheese in the salad but will revel in the avocado. Dinner will be pork tenderloin in an orange ginger marinade.

I spent far too much money on fruits and vegetables at the market but how wonderful it will feel to fill my body with these real foods.

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