Friday, September 4, 2009

Cleanse: Day 5 Update 1

One interesting learning for me through this cleanse is that food is so much more than fuel for me. I guess I've always known that but now
I know it at a different level now.

Right now, the food I eat is strictly fuel. It is not pleasurable. You know the joy you get when you bit into a crisp, fabulous summer salad? Guess what? It's gone after Day 5. I am now eating entirely to feed my hunger and it is annoying and monotonous.

I started to think this morning about the cavepeople. Basically this is how they ate all the time. Only foods from the earth and meet they hunted with their own hands. I cannot believe the human race didn't die out. I mean, what is the point of living if you eat this way? How they ever survived without killing each other is also beyond me. They must have been hungry much of the time. It is an absolutely gross feeling.
Maybe if I had a personal chef doing all sorts of inventive things for me within my cleanse boundaries it would be different. But there are only so many things I know how to do with a salad.

In other news, I went to my favorite butcher today and bought my first grass fed beef. When I asked about it, the butchers all kind of crinkled their noses. They called it tough, dry, gamey and like buffalo. Not a ringing endorsement. On the other hand, it is fabulous for you - more Omegas than wild salmon. I'm going to do a sea salt rub and grill it tomorrow night and see how it goes.

Gotta go finish my salad. Oh joy.

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mel said...

You are doing so well, Sandie. Can you eat lentils? Maybe lentils with some veggies you have cooked in a little olive oil, on top of your salad to add variety? Are you losing lots of weight? Or raisans? Can you have those? Sunflower seeds?