Monday, September 7, 2009

Clenase: Week 2 Day 1

Wow, so I made it through the entire week without even the tiniest little cheat. It is amazing the lengths to which you have to go to avoid sugar and processed food.

Today was really the first day that everything seemed old hat to me. It wasn't challenging, I wasn't stuck trying to figure out meals, I wasn't preoccupied with when to eat, what to eat, etc. It was just a nice, regular ol' day. I had an enormous amount of fruits and some veggies. The strawberries we had were like candy. Just sensational.

I cooked for myself, for my family, and made a gorgeous pavlova for the guys for dessert topped with the strawberries.

One of my friends who is doing the cleanse with me is focusing on the cleanse more holistically. She is adding meditation and stretching. I haven't really incorporated that but I would like to. I think will make a big difference in the spiritual/emotional piece that I feel like I am lacking.

We had a wonderful 3 day weekend. Now it's back to reality and lunchboxes in the morning.


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