Monday, September 7, 2009

What to Wear

I am constantly in the process of figuring out what clothes and styles work on my body. I have come to realize in my old age (ha) that every woman has parts to her body that she should highlight and parts from which she might want to distract.

I like my shoulders and chest and my lower legs and I feel like my butt is still in good enough shape to highlight it. I am always looking for ways to slenderize my belly and elongate my neck (ways other than plastic surgery, that is).

I just saw advertised a fashion website called It has all sorts of products and ideas, none of which I really paid any attention to. But they do have a link to a body and style analysis which I thought was pretty cool. You have to register to join the site to do the analysis but that is super fast and easy. Once you have joined, go to My Account and then click on Body and Style Analysis. You'll answer lots of questions and then, out pops your body type and suggestions for clothes that would work best on you.

They absolutely, positively got my body type correct (Oval) and I was really happy to see that some of the styles I currently wear work well for maximizing the good and minimizing the not so good. But I also got some additional ideas and suggestions so it was well worth the time it took to take the survey.


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mel said...

Going to check it out now!