Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Fat, Rice, and Lots of It

I am loving the protein dinners I have been having on this cleanse. Pork, halibut, salmon, sea bass, grass fed beef. Especially the grass fed beef, especially the very marbled grass fed beef. I was so high on the fact that this is a natural, unprocessed protein and therefore cleanse-friendly until I remembered I still need to keep in mind its position on the food pyramid. Red meat once a week. No more. OK, I'm reminded.

The other JOY of this cleanse has been discovering brown rice. Combined with a protein, it is heavenly. I realize this is due to the law of relativity. If I was eating wheat products, rice would be at the bottom of the list. But since it is my only allowable grain, I am LOVING it. And yes, I am loving it so much that I used all-caps more than once to describe my love for it. That's how much I'm loving it!

I'm taking the cleanse one day at a time now. I have committed through Sunday. After that, I will reevaluate. Because physically, I can't say I feel any different at all. No more or less energy. No more or less bloated. No more or less skin flare-ups. And I haven't been putting the spiritual or emotional work into the cleanse in order to reap any of those benefits.



Anonymous said...

So, there could be two very different situations at work here. Since you are not more or less bloated, this means that either you were already eating (prior to the cleanse) the foods appropriate for you, or you have not yet identified the ones that are inappropriate for you and are eliminating the wrong ones. I say this because sugar is clearly wrong for me and my stomach feels much, much, much less bloated than it usually is. Why do you think this is not having the intended impact?

Anonymous said...

Sorry, didn't mean to be anonymous!

mel said...

I am laughing like crazy here. I did it again! That's what I get for doing this so early in the AM!!